1. Name five non-living substances behaving like

living object.

Ans.  Fan (It runs by switching on)

Vehicle (It runs by diesel)

Train (It moves by electricity or diesel)

River (It flows)

Air (It blows).

These are the non-living objects behaving like living object.

  1. Name two organisms made up of single cell.

Ans.  Organism made up of single cell are-



3)  Name the instrument by which we can see tiny Object.

Ans. Microscope.

4)  Differentiate between Autotrophs and Heterotrophs.

Ans.                       Autotrophs                                         Heterotrophs

  1. i) Organism can make                   i) Organism depend

their food by own.                                 upon other organism

for food.

  1. ii) All green plants are                      ii) All animals are

autotrophs.                                         heterotrophs.

5)  Name the waste products released during respiration.

Ans. Carbon dioxide and water vapour.

6)  How do autotrophs prepare their food?

Ans. Autotrophs make their food with the help of water, carbon dioxide, solar energy and their green pigment. The process is known as Photosynthesis.

7)  Mention two ways in which plants respond to stimuli.

Ans. Plant respond to stimuli by:

  1. i) Opening flower in presence of sunlight (e.g. Sunflower)
  2. ii) Dropping of leaf while touching (e.g. Touch-me-not plant)

8)  Mention two ways in which animals reproduce.

Ans.  Animals reproduce by:

  1. i) laying egg (e.g. Bird, Fish, Snake)
  2. ii) giving birth of young baby (e.g. human, dog, cow).

9) Name the process of throwing waste from body.

Ans.  Excretion.

10)  What does a life cycle consist of?

Ans. Life cycle consists of birth, growth, reproduction, ageing and birth.

11)  Fill in the blank: –

  1. a) Energy is liberated from food during the process of________.
  2. b) The ability of organisms to respond to stimuli is called___________.

Ans. a) Respiration

  1. b) Sensitivity.

12) State the statement True/False: correct the false statement.

  1. a) All animal cells are unicellular.
  2. b) By seeds all plant grow.

Ans. a) False; All animal cells are unicellular or multicellular.

  1. b) False; All plants can grow either by seed or by vegetative part.

Long Qs

1)  Write down some characteristics of living things.

Ans. Some characteristics of living beings are: –

  1. i) Living beings need food.
  2. ii) Living beings respire.
  3. ii) Living beings respond to stimuli.
  4. iv) Living beings move.
  5. v) Living beings reproduce.

2)  What do you mean by life span of leaving beings; –

Ans. The time between the birth and death of an organism is called life spam. Living beings have a definite life cycle, birth, growth, reproduction, ageing and death. The total to complete all these activities is called life spam.

3)  Give an example of a non-living thing than grow. How is this growth different from the growth of a living being.

Ans. Sugar crystal is a non-living object but when it is suspended in a sugar solution, sugar crystals are settled on them. In this way original sugar crystal grows in size.

Growth of non-living object                                                Growth of living object      

i) It is done from outside.                                         i) It is done from inside.

ii) It is happened due to                                          ii) It is happened  due to division of cells

deposition of other substances

on it.

4)  How do plants throw out waste?

Ans. Plants have two types of wastes: Solid and Gas.

  • Gaseous waste like Carbon dioxide and water vapour can be released through minute pores

called stomata present in their leaves.

  • Solid wastes like various salts are stored in some parts of their body like leaves and bark.

Plants shed their leaves and barks to expel the

Solid waste.

5)  How do plant and animals move? How is it different from movement in non-living things?

Ans. Plants do not have any specific organ for movement. They move towards the stimuli in response. Weak stem of climber plant twine around supports. Animals have specific organs for movement. By these organs they can move from one place to another.

Movement of living organism                                              Movement of non-living  organism

i) This movement is                                                       i) This movement is done

done by energy from inside.                                                             by using energy from outside.

ii) This movement is                                                                  ii) This movement is

controlled by living                                                                       controlled by outside

organism itself.                                                                                  energy source.


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