Personal Letter Writing

Question 1.

You and your friends decide to play truant from school and go to a morning film show. In the cinema hall, you are spotted by a relative who promptly informs your parents. Write a letter to a friend who lives in another town, expressing your feelings on being discovered, the punishment you received from your parents and what you have learnt from this experience.


104, Keshab Sen Street,

Kolkata – 700006.

15th March, 2020


Dear Raina,

I want to share with you a terrible incident that I experienced a few days ago.I was caught in a movie hall by a relative of mine who instantly informed my parents.

On our way to school there is a cinema hall. We three friends go to school together.Last Friday on our way to school as usual we came me near the cinema hall. The movie which was going on was of our favorite actor. We could not pass by the hall. It seemed our legs got frozen at the spot and we were unable to move. We decided to check if the tickets for morning show was available or not. And to our utter delight the tickets were available. The show time was such that we could reach home at the usual time only.So after buying three tickets from the counter we somehow managed to hide ourselves so that we are not spotted by any teacher or student at the cinema hall.

As soon as the hall opened for us to enter we did not delay. In fact we were feeling very nervous since it was the first time we played a truant from school. We even felt that we had done a wrong. We should not have come to watch a movie bunking our school. But it was too late then. The school gates were already closed and we were left with no other option. Any way we sat in our respective places and waited for the movie to start. The movie was so engrossing and we were enjoying it so much that within moments we forgot all our worries. In this way half of the movie got over and it was the time of interval.

Till the intermission everything was fine. But the problem occurred when the lights in the hall were put on at intermission. To my horror I found my mother’s cousin at the hall. Rather she was the one who spotted me. My limbs became numb. I knew she won’t delay in informing my mother about my mischief. Along with me both my friends also were scared since my mother would not hide it from their mothers. The rest of the movie made no sense to us. As soon as the movie got over we left the hall without delay and directly went to our homes. The more I neared my home the slower I became. But the news of mymisdeed reached home before me. My mother’s cousin had informed her everything promptly. I sensed it as soon as I entered my home.

Mother directly charged me. Without giving her any excuse I confessed everything. I expected terrible scolding, beating and punishment.But to my amazement no such thing happened. Mother told me how much embarrassed she was when she had to hear about her own daughter from an outsider. She would have felt much better had she heard it directly from me. She even told me how this news would spread among the relatives like a bush fire and how much pain she  would receive when she would hear any remark being passed about her daughter.

I was really embarrassed now at my behaviour and for giving my mother so much pain. I promised her that in future I would never tell any lie or hide anything from her. And I have promised the same to myself. I feeling very relieved sharing the incident with you. I was here today with lots of love for you.


Your loving friend,





Question 2.

You are awarded a special prize at the Annual Prize Day ceremony of your school. Write a letter to a lady relative giving her the news. Be sure to include details of the prize that you are to receive and tell her why you have been chosen for this honor.



25 B, Railway Colony,

Kolkata – 700019

14th March, 2020


Dear Aunt,

I am very excited to share a wonderful news with you.You would be glad to hear that today in the morning assembly in school our Principal Mrs. S. Lewis announced that I was chosen for the ‘Student of the year’ award for this academic session.

This award was introduced a couple of years ago for the secondary section students. This award is given to those students of the secondary section who have achieved good position not only in the  examinations held throughout the year but also in other co-curricularactivities. The main intention of the school to introduce this award is to motivate the students both in the field of academics as well as extracurricular activities.

I was sure about receiving some award for my excellent academic performance throughout the year but the ‘Student of the year’ award was beyond my imagination. My performance in the inter school debate competition and inter state dance competition were also taken into account. Then there was also my acting skill which might have also been considered by the judges. I played the role of Mark Anthony in the Shakespearean play JuliusCaesar which was staged in the drama festorganised by the’YoungMind Drama Association’.Our school was awarded the first position and I was declared the best actor. Moreover my three gold medals in three different events in the Annual Sports Meet also played a significant role in my winning this award.  All my teachers are very happy about me. My classmates too are very happy and proud about me. And my house knew no bounds after I heard it.

I am going to be awarded the prize at the Annual Prize Day ceremony of our school. Since I love you so much and you have a very special position in my life, I would be very delighted if you attend the prize distribution ceremony along with my parents.

I shall be looking forward to seeing you on the day of the event. Hope you will not dishearten me.


Yours only,














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