It was an experience I had a couple of years ago. I still remember every bit of it as if it was only yesterday.


Only a few days were left for the Durga Puja to begin. The whole Kolkata was decorated and looked like a newly wed bride. That day I along with my parents went for Puja shopping. We returned home late and were too exhausted. As soon as I lied down on bed I fell asleep. Suddenly my sleep was disturbed by some noise. Still in a sleepy state I hardly could make out what it was. Then gradually as I overcame my sleepiness I recognised the sound to be of men and women shouting. I went near the window that looked on the road. To my horror I saw the building opposite our house was burning. Lilac flames and dark grey smoke covered the whole building. All the neighbours were out on the road. Somebody had called the fire brigade also. Although majority of the inmates of the building could come out to safety, an old couple got trapped inside. The flame rose very high and the cracking sound could be heard. Everybody was worried about the old couple.


Within a few moments the fire brigade arrived. The men were adept in handling such situations. Few of them with ladder brought out the old couple. We were all relaxed to see them safe. They were extremely scared. We gave them water to drink and made them sit down. The fire men then sprayed water with huge pipes. They struggled for an hour and ultimately brought the fire under control. They said there was a short circuit that caused the fire.


I hardly could rest that night.Although it happened to the building opposite our house, every moment I kept on checking if nothing wrong too place inside our house. This incident haunted me for days.Itwas a terrible night that will remain ever fresh in my memory.


  1. HOBBY

Hobby is that activity which we indulge in during our leisure hours. Hobby relaxes and refreshes us from our busy schedule. Hobby is very necessary for all of us to relax after our regular monotonous life. It is very important for each one of us to have some hobby.

Hobbies can be of various types. Some people have the hobby of collecting various objects like stamps, old coins, antiques and many such things. Again some people take up gardening as a hobby orthe ones who have love for fish put up aquariums in their house and spend their time maintaining the aquarium. Physical and creative activities can also be a part of hobbies for some. Hence there are many people who take up creative activities like dancing, singing or painting as there hobby or indulge in sports or other physical activities. Reading story books is another very popular hobby among many. Again another very interesting and popular hobby that many people have is travelling.

Like every person I too have a hobby. My hobby is reading story books. I am a voracious reader. My parents as well as my friends call me a book worm. Whatever little time I get I indulge myself in reading books. I read books of different genres. My collection includes novels, short stories, poetry, and other fictional and non-fictional works. I always carry a book along with me whenever I travel. After returning home from school I have my lunch and read astory bookfor a couple of hours. After I finish my studies I read books.

Hence, it is very important to have a hobby to escape from the day’s work pressure. Hobby refreshes our mind and prepares us for the next day’s challenge.



Leisure hours are those hours which we get completely for ourselves.After a day’s busy schedule when we are completely drained out physically as well as mentally we need to relax. Even on weekends and other holidays there is a need for us to relax. The work which we do our rather love to do during the hours of our relaxation not only makes us feel refreshed but also prepares us for the next busy routine. It is not necessary that a person will do any particular activity during his or her leisure hours. One may have more than one activity that he or she is interested in and loves to do during the hours of leisure to relax.

I as a student get very less leisure hours. In spite of this I try to relax for a couple of hours particularly on weekends and other holidays and vacations where I can pursue the activities of my choice and relax. Every day the couple of leisure hours I get, I utilise in reading books and painting pictures. In this way I free my mind and feel relaxed to attend my classes the next day. On weekends however I keep aside sufficient time for relaxing since besides studies relaxation is equally important I know. I love gardening. There is a little terrace garden in our house. I spend quality time in the garden looking after the plants, watering them, pruning them, mixing many to the soil and all that is necessary to keep the garden beautiful. I have even made few bonsai, where dwarf form of big trees are made by planting them in small pots. I have such a bonsai banyan tree in our house. Other than this I have planted many beautiful flowering plants, cactus and a few vegetable and fruit bearing plants.

I hardly can make out how time passes away taking care of my littlegarden. And after my labour in the garden I do not feel tired but refreshed and can concentrate better in my studies.



Sundays are very special days. After a week’s labour comes Sunday when we all can relax and enjoy according to our wish. It is a day when all the family members are there in the house, we all have our breakfast and lunch together.

Throughout the week I have to wake up early either for going to school or for tuition classes. On Sunday I have no tuition classes to attend. Hence there is no need for me to wake up early in the morning. On this day I have the luxury to remain in bed for a little longer. I generally do not wake up at eight in the morning. On Sunday my mother always prepare some special breakfast. So after brushing my teeth I sit at the table for breakfast. The rest of the days we all remain in a hurry. So we all ready according to our need and convenience. But on Sundays nobody is in a hurry. Both my parents want myself sit together at the table and have our breakfast. We talk and laugh also a lot during breakfast. After that my mother get busy preparing the lunch and my father sits with his work. I too do some studies during this time. Lunch every Sunday has a special attraction because mother cooks new delicacies every week. It is always a guess work for me what lunch I’m expecting to have this Sunday. After lunch we rest for a couple of hours and then in the evening we go out generally. There is no particular place where we go but we rarely stay at home on a Sunday evening. The dinner generally is eaten out. We return home and I straight away go to bed since the next day is Monday.



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