Descriptive Essay Topics ICSE Board Exams


What is a Descriptive Essay or Composition?

It is an objective representation of factual details. Gives a detailed description of places, events or people. It is not mandatory to give a real description of the topic. Description can be imaginary too. Whether real or imaginary, description has to be vivid and at the same time lively in order to attract the interest of the reader. But be careful, the composition does not run dull.

This lesson teaches you how to attempt the Descriptive Compositions. Solved ICSE Descriptive Essays are also included in this lesson.

You may either be asked to describe a Person or an Event or a Situation.


                                         DESCRIPTION OF A PERSON


QUESTION 1.  Describe briefly the arrival of a new baby sister or brother in your house. (300 – 350 words)


Arrival of my baby sister


I was shifting restlessly in bed the whole night. I had never been so impatient before for the sun to rise. The breaking of day had never given me so much joy as today. Rather it always reminded me of going to school followed by tuitions, more pleasant than any other morning. The birds chirped more melodiously and the breeze was cooler than I ever felt. And why not? It was going to be a special day after all. After five long days spent in a private nursing home my mother was returning home with my new born sister.

I quickly freshened myself up and finished the breakfast without any complain. My father, uncle and aunt had gone to the nursing home to bring my mother and our new family member. Due to my annual examination I could not for once go to the nursing home to meet my mom and the baby. But fortunately my examinations got over just the day before. My aunt took me and my cousin to the market and we bought a crib, dresses, mittens, bibs, nappies, toys and what not.

We all were waiting eagerly when at last the honking of a car was heard, and it stopped in front of our house. Our joys knew no bound. The main gate was opened and there stood my mom with a wee tiny doll in her arms. She was wrapped up in a soft pink towel. She was very fair with rosy cheeks. We were all full of joy. The baby was then made to lie down on the crib and my cousins and myself stood surrounding it. The baby slept most of the time. But whenever she remained awake we played with her and she smiled exposing her toothless gum.

My little sister is now studying in class 4 but the day of her arrival in our home shall remain ever fresh in my mind.



                                  DESCRIBING A SCENE OR AN EVENT



India is a land of fairs. Describe an unusual fair you had a chance to visit.


An Unusual Fair

My father is a forest officer. Few years back he was posted in the Palamau Reserve Forest, in the state of Jharkhand. At the outskirt of the forest there was a tribal village. Our domestic help was a middle aged lady from that village.

One day she invited us to visit a fair that was to be held in the open ground at the end of their village. Since it was a backward village and there were no electricity, the fair was held as long as the sun remained in the sky. On reaching the fairground we were very surprised to find no stall made as we were accustomed to see in the city. The tribal people displayed their wares on sheets or banana leaves spread on the ground.

The fair however was a very spectacular site. There were hand crafted jewellery made out of burnt clay, wooden chips, bamboo and such other unexpected materials. These were so nicely shaped and painted that my mother and myself could not resist our feelings but bought quite a number of them. There were also cane baskets, potteries and flower vases made out of burnt clay and wood. These too attracted our attention. Tribal musical instruments, toys and dolls were also there in the fair. But that was not all. A very essential part of a fair is its food corner. To our surprise this too did not miss in this fair. Here we got an opportunity to taste some lip smacking tribal tidbits.

The fair attracted us so much that we visited it almost every day as long as it remained. And worth mentioning, we returned from each visit carrying some parcels in our hands. I have visited many fairs ever since but the simplicity of that tribal fair has occupied a special place in my heart.




Your class had to conduct a Morning Assembly. Give a detailed account of how you prepared for the assembly, what role you played and what knowledge you gained from the experience.


                                          Our Class Assembly

The Morning Assembly is a very essential part of a school. The whole school gathers together to pray and start their new day in school. Our school is no different. Our Morning Assembly begins with the reading of a sermon followed by a hymn and then the ends with the Lord’s prayer. These assemblies are conducted each day by a different teacher. But Mondays are days for special assemblies. On each and every Monday a particular class is given the responsibility to conduct the Morning Assembly. Last Monday it was the turn of class X A, that is our class.

The whole class was over excited with the Morning Assembly. We wanted to do something unique. Our class teacher suggested us to do something unique. She suggested, instead of taking up a story with a moral ending we should do something original. So we all the students put our heads together and wrote a short funny skit dealing with few common problems faced by us in our day to day life. We even prepared a song based on the skit. Our class teacher was very pleased with our effort. Of course there were errors and she corrected our work and our final script was ready. Now it was time for practice. We practiced a lot and were ready for the show.

On Monday morning we gathered beside the school stage in the Assembly Hall. Our hearts were pounding like ‘muffled drums’. With the prayer bell we started with our assembly. Each one of us enacted our part well. Then the whole class sang the song. Our Principal Madam was extremely happy when she learnt that the script as well as the song was our original work. She praised us and the whole school applauded us. Needless to say how great a day it was for us!



Narrate an incident from your own experience when you helped to prepare a meal. Explain what you did and what you gained from the experience. (ICSE 2018)


My first experience of preparing a meal

It was a bright Sunday morning as Sundays usually are. But there was something more that came with this particular Sunday. My mother woke up in the morning with a running nose and a terrible headache. She declared she was not in the condition of cooking. Father suggested we would order our lunch online. But there is a saying, “Man proposes God disposes”. Suddenly my father’s phone rang.

Father immediately got ready to buy vegetables, fish and meat from the market. Mother told me to help her prepare the meal, since she was not in the condition to do the work all by herself. My mother instructed me and I worked as per her instruction. I washed the rice and kept aside. After father returned I helped mother chop the vegetables for the fried rice. I even washed the chicken and marinated with curd and other ingredients. I even peeled and chopped onions and made ginger and garlic paste in the mixer.

While mother prepared the fried rice and cooked the chicken, I helped her throughout. I sprinkled various spices and spread sauce accordingly as she said. Prawn balls were kept as the starter for which I shelled and cleaned the prawns and ground them in the grinder. Then I marinated the grounded prawns with salt, lemon juice, green chilly paste and other spices.

I was literally dripping in sweat. I wondered how hard my mom labours daily to prepare the tasty lunch and dinner. And even after all her hard labour how I sometimes express my dissatisfaction towards a particular dish. I really felt very ashamed. Decided from then on whenever I get time and particularly on my holidays I help my mother in the kitchen. I was very happy with my experience in the kitchen.










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